Which shrubs to choose to get a show stopping blooming?

What’s better than seeing trees and shrubs bloom in the spring? Apple trees, cherry trees, magnolias, rhododendrons and lilac officially mark the arrival of fine weather and the joy of outdoor living. To keep the fun going all summer, add a few flowering shrubs to your landscaping. Some of them bloom abundantly and over a long period, often from spring to fall. Here are some good shrubs choices for your flowering garden.


You’re in luck when it comes to roses. Most of them flower from June to October. Their flowers have different colours depending on their variety: white, pink, red, cream, peach. Choose hardy roses that are more tolerant to our harsh winters and plant them in the sun, away from strong winds. Hybrid tea roses are fragile and must be protected. Despite good winter protection, harsh colds can be fatal. 

Roses need a certain upkeep. Water them at least once a week during the first years, and make sure their soil is clean by eliminating weeds regularly. They’re known to be quite vulnerable to diseases and insects, but some varieties are more tolerant to them. Your garden center advisor will be able to tell you which are the best choices for you. 

Panicle hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are classics, still relevant today. Panicle hydrangeas are definitely the most tolerant to our climatic conditions. They produce beautiful cone-shaped inflorescences called panicles, made up of a multitude of small flowers. Starting out white, the flowers turn pink, red, and take different green shades as the days go by. 

Hydrangeas flowers abundantly, and last a long time. Their flowers can even dry out on the stems and grace your winter garden. If you want to bring happiness into your home, cut the flowers and place them in a vase, they make excellent cut flowers. 

Plan them in the sun or in part-shade in a rich, well-drained soil.


Potentillas are bushy shrubs covered with bright yellow flowers from June to October. They are hardy native plants that adapt to almost any situation. 

Some varieties have orange or pink flowers. As an added bonus, this easy-to-groom shrub attracts butterflies! 

Japanese spirea

Japanese spirea are loved as much for their foliage as for the cluster of pink and white flowers that overhang on their stems from June to the end of August. Easy-to-grow shrub, some varieties take on bronze hues in the fall. 

Spireas adapt to most conditions, and are not susceptible to pests. They’re an all-purpose shrub that will enhance your garden with style.

We have a selection of flowering shrubs to suit all your needs. Our roses collection is second to none. Come see us! 

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