For large-scale landscaping projects, think bulk!

Do you have a landscaping project in mind? Do you want to repair your lawn and enrich it with a good topdressing? Do you want to create a new flower bed or vegetable garden? Do you want to quickly cover a bare surface with grass? Have you thought about choosing bulk products instead of bags to do so? Economical and ecological, bulk planting soil and sod allows you to carry out all your projects while producing less waste, with more savings.

We have excellent quality products in our yard :

  • Sifted, sterilized and weed-free brown soil
  • Sod, also known as turf rolls

To help you calculate the quantity of products you will need to carry out your project, we’ve created a simple and efficient bulk products calculator. You simply have to enter the area to be covered and the calculator will do the work for you. You don’t need such a large quantity, or you would rather use a specific topdressing for your type of project, grass, vegetable garden or other? No worries! Our calculator will also give you the quantity of bags of soil you will need.

If you aren’t equipped to transport your soil or sod, we offer a fast and courteous delivery service. You can request a quote directly online.

Bulk products allow you to realize your projects at a low cost while reducing the amount of waste you produce, especially plastic bags. It’s an economical and ecological solution that you’re sure to enjoy.

You would like some help to plan your project? Talk to our in-store specialists, who will be happy to advise you and help you!

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