Beautiful planters all year round

1414Planters, window boxes, hanging baskets; flower pots are perfect for adding the final touch to your plant decor. On the windowsill and front door, on the stairs, on the porch and even on the patio, nothing beats the beauty of a beautiful and colourful flower arrangement. In spring, we rush to the garden center to carefully choose the annual flowers that will harmoniously cohabit during the beautiful season for the greatest pleasure of our eyes. Find out how to keep your planters beautiful for a long time and make them evolve according to the season.

A successful planting

The right soil

To keep your potted plants looking good and getting all the nutrients they need throughout the season, make sure you plant them in a quality potting soil specially designed for container plants. To give your plants a mid-season boost, put an inch of compost at the bottom of your pot. As the roots grow, they will be able to reach it and feed on it. About 4 weeks after planting, add flower plant food and repeat every 3 to 4 weeks thereafter, always following the label directions.

Proper care

Choose pots with drainage holes to prevent the roots of your plants from being submerged in water. If the pot you have chosen does not have any, pierce some of them, it will make all the difference. The soil in pots dries out faster than the ground, so make sure you water regularly, daily if necessary. To help you, you can put a layer of mulch in your pots, it will help the soil maintain its warmth and humidity. Yes, mulch works for potted plants too!

The right plants

When choosing your plants, make sure you choose wisely: opt for flowers that are suitable for your type of sunlight and that have similar water and fertilizer requirements to other plants in the same pot. Design your floral arrangements with the end result in mind. Choose a centerpiece plant that will stand majestically in the center of your container, surround it with secondary plants that add volume and texture, and finally border your planters with drooping plants for a perfect look.

Changing your planters with the season

Toward the end of summer, annual flowers begin to lose their luster. Rather than letting them die off sadly, you can replace them with other plants that are more tolerant of cold and frost, such as heuchera, ornamental cabbage, lavender and pansies, to name a few. Your planters will look younger and more beautiful until the frosts. Add a few pots of colourful fall chrysanthemums, decorative gourds and a few bales of hay for a head-turning fall display.

As winter slowly sets in, replace your flower arrangements with winter pots again, and not just for the holidays. Grab some evergreen branches, pine cones, berries for a little colour and you’re all set to make your project a reality. Use the soil already in place and water well once you’ve reached satisfaction. The cold weather will freeze everything and your arrangement will be quite solid. You can add some string lights and other Christmas ornaments to get you in the holiday mood in no time!

Planters with a difference

Who said planters were only for annual flower arrangements? You can add vegetables, herbs and even berries if you want to have edible arrangements. Succulents also work well in containers and so do many small shrubs. Have you ever thought of using a single species of annual flowers to make your planter? Your only limit is your creativity. Our team of experienced horticulturists can help you and advise you on the best plants to use to create outstanding planters.

Happy gardening!

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