Top 5 flowering plants for your home

To bring life to a room, there is nothing better than a beautiful green plant. If it blooms, it’s even better! What a joy to see a flower bud bloom and discover a beautiful flower: it’s like a gift every time. Some houseplants are quite difficult to get to bloom, but others will allow you to admire them at different times of the year without having to give them too much care. Here are our top 5 flowering plants for the home.


Anthurium is characterized by its beautiful, large, lustrous flowers, most often white, pink or red, that can stay beautiful for weeks. It is fairly easy to care for and will bloom abundantly if you provide a bright environment without direct sunlight, good watering, not too much or too little, a stable temperature and a moist environment which you will achieve by spraying the foliage or a bed of clay balls. If you repot the plant, choose a pot only slightly larger than the previous one, this plant likes to be cramped.


The flowers of the clivia, beautiful orange trumpets with yellow centers, grow in clumps at the end of long stems that overhang a dark green fan-like foliage reminiscent of the amaryllis, from the same botanical family. Although it is the flowers that interest us most here, the leaves of this plant are really interesting. If you want to make the clivia bloom, you have to give it a hard time: stop watering it completely from December to March and if possible, place it in a cooler room. This plant can live a very long time and does not need to be repotted often: it likes to be cramped. Clean the leaves with a damp cloth and give it a good shower annually. You have to be patient with the clivia, but its beautiful blooms will be a great reward.


Spathiphyllum is known as the peace lily or moon flower and is a plant found everywhere. It is easy to care for and blooms easily and abundantly throughout the year. The plant warns you when it lacks water: its foliage sags. That said, do not let it dry out too often, it weakens it in the medium term. It is said that this plant tolerates low lighting. This is true, but if you want your peace lily to bloom, it needs good light.


The flowers from the passionflower are impressive, graphic, and sure to attract attention. It is a climber that can cling to anything. Passionflower likes bright light and humidity. It is recommended to take it outside in summer so that it can benefit from the warm and humid climate. Water as soon as the soil starts to dry out during the summer and space out the watering a bit during the winter, until the first 2-3 centimeters of soil are dry. Do not hesitate to spray the foliage. To stimulate flowering, prune half the foliage in March.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is a fat plant that is easy to care for and blooms rather easily, in November and December, just in time for the holidays. The best way to stimulate your Christmas cactus to bloom is to put it through a little stress. Take it outside in the fall and let it get cold but not freeze. You can also cut off the water for a few weeks in October. You may be surprised at how many flowers it will produce. To learn more about caring for Christmas cacti, read our article on the subject.

Many other houseplants produce flowers including the popular butterfly orchid. Visit your favorite garden centre to discover new varieties that will add color to your urban jungle. Some flowering plants provide great challenges for gardeners… can you handle them?

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