Plants to brighten up your office

In addition to being beautiful and bringing life to any room in the house, plants improve the quality of the air we breathe. Several studies have looked at the benefits of plants on human mental and physical health, and all are unanimous: living surrounded by plants is good for us. It has even been shown that plants speed up the healing process of hospitalized people, lower stress and anxiety levels and even reduce vandalism in municipalities. In the workplace, the presence of plants tends to increase employee productivity and decrease absenteeism. The only question that remains unanswered is : why not?! In the office, the environment is not always favorable to the cultivation of plants: the space is limited, the air is dry and the luminosity is rather average. Not to mention that watering, pruning and repotting can be quite complex. Choose plants that are easy to care for, that can survive periods without watering – during the vacations, for example – and that can tolerate somewhat hostile environments.

Top 5 plants to brighten up your office

Many plants have all the right characteristics to be good co-workers. Here are our top suggestions:

1. Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Zamioculcas, better known by its diminutive name: ZZ plant, is a perfect plant for the office. It looks like no other with its beautiful slender stems and the only way to kill it is to overwater it. It can withstand all kinds of light, does not need to be repotted often as it likes to be tightly packed in its pot and should be watered sparingly.

2. Beaucarnea

It is the very characteristic shape of the Beaucarnea that gave it its nickname of elephant foot. Its bulging trunk at the base resembles a pachyderm's leg. The Beaucarnea tolerates medium light and dry air, it is necessary to let the soil dry completely between waterings. Its growth is rather slow, even more if the light is weak.

3. Aechmea fasciata

If you like spectacular flowers, you will be served with the silver vase and its beautiful flaming pink bloom. Leave a few inches of water in the naturally formed center tank and spray the tips of the silver leaves if the air is too dry. It prefers medium light; avoid direct sun.

4. Peperomia

Peperomia enjoys being cramped in its pot, fears excess water, can tolerate low light and dry air... a perfect partner for your office! Its beautiful foliage adds style to any decor. Some varieties offer really interesting variegated foliage.

5. Miniature Schefflera

If you want a plant that looks like a small tree, this is the small-leafed schefflera you need for the office. It's a plant that often grows upright on a trunk, tolerates low light, and warns you if it's overwatered: its leaves turn black. Spray the foliage from time to time if the air is very dry.

If you want an unusual plant for the office, lithops is an excellent choice. Lithops is commonly referred to as a rock plant because of its rock-like shape. If you have a sunny windowsill, it is the perfect spot to place this amazing fat plant that will produce beautiful little white daisy-like flowers. It is a little capricious on the watering, it is necessary to let dry the soil completely during the period of growth, between March and September, then to stop watering completely from October till February. This break is necessary for the plant; if you don't, you risk rotting it.

Add life to your office with plants. Many varieties will be very happy there. Ask our garden centre advisors to find the best plant for your work environment.

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