Indoor hanging plants: what to choose?

Are you running out of room to add plants to the floor or furniture in your home? Don’t worry: use the ceilings! Many plants give a really interesting effect when used in suspension. Directly from the ceiling or attached to a decorative metal, wood or macrame structure, hanging plants allow you to create inspiring aerial gardens. Here are some plants that work well as hanging plants.


Nicknamed devil’s ivy, pothos grows easily and quickly. Its trailing stems can reach 2 meters in length and you can easily make cuttings from them to get even more baby plants. Easy to maintain.


Tradescantia can tolerate almost any condition. Its mix of green and purple colours makes it unique. Because its stems are quite fragile and fall delicately along the pot, it is perfect for heights.

Spider plant

Well known for its ease of growing, the spider plant with its long arching leaves is ideal in a hanging basket. Happy, it will produce a good quantity of shoots that you can replant to increase your collection or to make gifts to your friends.

String of pearls

The long, drooping stems covered with green bead-like leaves have earned this senecio its cute little nickname. Easy to care for, the string of pearls will grace a high corner with flair.

String of hearts

It is the very characteristic shape of the small leaves of this plant that gave it this pretty name. The leaves of the string of hearts are mottled with silver-gray and the new pink shoots are beautiful! Fun fact, the leaves always grow in pairs, well spaced apart. It is very popular right now with easygoing plant lovers.

Hanging does not always mean trailing

Many plants are interesting in suspensions without trailing. They are chosen for their rounded or eccentric shape. Install them at different heights to enjoy their beauty. Aloe, Haworthia, Yucca… you can be as creative as you like. The most important thing when you choose the plants you will use in your hanging garden is without a doubt the maintenance. Choose plants that don’t require too much watering or bright light, which is sometimes more difficult to obtain up high. Our garden center specialists can guide you towards good choices that meet the growing conditions of your room and the use you wish to make of it. 

Who says you don’t have enough room to add new plants to your collection? It’s a well-known fact that you can never have too many plants anyway!

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