Giving your lawn a boost in the spring

Spring is finally here and now is the time to wake up your inner gardener. Put on your boots and gardening gloves, it’s time to get outside and take control of your garden. First step: the lawn! Lawns require regular maintenance throughout the season and the stronger you start in the spring, the better it will be all summer. Here are our tips for a green and thick lawn.

Clean up

Once the snow has melted and your yard has absorbed all the water, it’s time to clean up any debris left over from the winter. With a leaf broom, vigorously rake your lawn to remove rocks and branches, and dislodge dead grass to allow your lawn to breathe.


If you have bare patches of grass, they should be repaired right away. Bare soil allows weeds and insects to take hold. Remove all dead grass, add a thin layer of lawn repair soil and cover with good quality grass seed. Water for two weeks until germination occurs.


Aerating your lawn allows water, oxygen and nutrients to better penetrate and circulate through the soil to nourish your plants’ roots. If your soil is hard, water is difficult to penetrate and your lawn does not seem to be growing as well, your soil may be too compact. Aerate with specialized equipment easily found at a rental center and leave the soil cores in place by breaking them up with a leaf broom.

Topdressing and overseeding

Quality soil and a thick, full lawn are two major keys to success. To nourish your soil and improve its structure, topdress your entire lawn with a thin layer of topsoil or compost. Take the opportunity to add grass seed to fill in the gaps and reduce weed growth and insect infestations. Our bulk garden soil is perfect for this type of work. Calculate the quantities you will need and plan your delivery.


Lawns need to be well nourished to be healthy. Fertilizers provide the nutrients needed for proper lawn growth. A complete fertilization program is spread out over the entire season. Spring fertilization gives the lawn a good boost to green up quickly and grow strong.

Mowing your lawn should not be overlooked either. Take the time to sharpen the blades of your mower that has been out of service for the past few months. A nice clean cut promotes a healthy lawn. Leave your clippings in place, they are free natural fertilizer for your lawn!

By following our advice, you will have a beautiful and healthy lawn. For more tips and advice, see our Gardening tips section.

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