Great choice of tropical house plants, perennials and more — online and in store!

All the shrubs, tropical house plants, annual flowers, perennials and herbs you need for your gardening projects are available from our plant nursery.

Centre de Jardin Brossard offers a large inventory of plants that will definitely meet all your needs: house plants, annual flowers, herbs, perennials, shrubs, and more. Whether you’re an amateur gardener or a horticultural enthusiast, come visit us or take a look at our online catalog and be inspired!

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Tropical plant greenhouse

Start your visit with our tropical and house plant greenhouse. You’ll be amazed at the variety of plants you’ll find there, and it will make you crave the tropics all year long. Thanks to our potting service, you can easily match any tropical or houseplant to your decor or give a particular style to your favorite room. Our professionals will help you find the right pot for the right plant.

Perennials and annual flowers shade house

Continue your journey under the shade house where you will discover annual flowers, perennials, vegetable plants and herb plants that will give you tons of ideas to decorate your yard, your flowerbeds, or your balcony. Dozens of varieties of plants with multiple colors are waiting for you. It is well known that being surrounded by flowers with a thousand smells increases the happiness index… but you already knew that!


Tree and shrub nursery

Outside, in the nursery, you will find all the trees and shrubs that will allow you to “green” and structure your landscaping, to give it height and volume. Our top quality trees and shrubs will make your green space a great place to live in!

Did you know?

Centre de Jardin Brossard offers a mature and large tree plantation service? If you would like to enjoy the shade of a large tree or have a cedar hedge in your yard for a little more privacy quickly, it’s possible!

If you’re looking for fruit trees or berry bushes, we have what you need. Ask our specialists for advice on choosing the best variety for you, one that will give tons of fruits that will delight everyone.

Never enough flowers

Summers are short in Quebec, and so we must make the most of them! Centre de Jardin Brossard offers you perennial and annual flowers of all colors, for all types of sunshine, and for all tastes. You want to attract butterflies? We also have what you need! You want luxurious flowerbeds and window boxes bursting with beauty but lack time or inspiration? Let our professionals take care of your yard and containers with our planting services. Enjoy your garden: we’re taking care of everything!


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