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Soil Analysis & Testing

Recommended Soil Sampling Period

May & June – September & October

Sampling of Soil for Testing & Analysis

The part of the ground you have to analyze is one in which most plants draw will go for growth, ie a layer of soil between 10 and 20 cm deep, called topsoil.

Please have in a clean plastic bag (eg. Ziploc®) and a scoop (or trowel).

Take the so-called depth of small shovels, in different places of your land so that the soil sample is representative.

Of course, if a part of your garden is very sandy, clay and a net behind your garden, common sense command to carry out two separate analyzes!


  • Never mix the areas to be analyzed; eg 1 for the garden, 1 other for the flowerbed, and 1 other lawn;
  • Always wash the tool that will be used to collect soil samples;
  • Important: Do not touch samples with hands;
  • Remove the stones, weeds and other debris that can be mixed with the earth.
  • In principle, always handle samples with gloves;

How to Gather your Soil Samples

  • Using the tool, take 10 to 15 soil samples in the area: If lawn or flowerbed or vegetable garden
  • Insert the tool to the recommended depth, 10 cm (4 ”). Take a few tablespoons of land in each location;
  • Place the earth in a very clean plastic bucket or suitable container and avoid touching with the fingers;
  • When your 10-15 samples are taken for a zone, mix these samples;
  • Take about 1 cup of the mixture and transfer to a clean plastic bag (eg. Ziploc®)
  • Identify your sample or your samples if there is more analysis to be done.

Potting Services

At Centre de Jardin Brossard we offer potting and repotting services for all our interior, tropical and annual plants. With the use of quality Fafard soils and organic fertilizers, you are sure to be satisfied with the end result! This service is offered free with the purchase of any pot.



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We take pride in offering our customers a one-year warranty on our trees, shrubs, conifers, and rustic roses. It is important to take note that our hybrid roses are guaranteed until the month of November of the year of purchase. Our warranty does not apply to annuals, bulbs, perennials, bare-root trees and cedars, selected cedars on special, aquatic plants, indoor and tropical plants. In addition, all trees and shrubs purchased under commercial accounts are not guaranteed.
Under certain conditions, we undertake the replacement of any dead trees and shrubs. Returns will be based on the equal value of the purchase price paid. All replacement trees and shrubs are final sale and not guaranteed. Other conditions may apply.


Our perennials are guaranteed until the month of November of the year of purchase. In addition, all perennials purchased under commercial accounts are not guaranteed. Other conditions may apply.


Annuals, vegetables, bare-root cedars, aquatic plants, interior plants, tropical plants, sod, all merchandise purchased under commercial accounts, discounted merchandise.



Have Your Own Mature Garden Today

No need to wait ten years in order to enjoy the privacy of your garden. With the help of our in store professionals, choose from our vast variety of caliper trees that correspond to your personal and environmental needs. Our caliper trees range from 45mm – 100mm+ in circumference and can measure up to six meters in height! Our plantation services are offered three days a week, and performed by professionals, with the use of top quality soils and tools. Plantation prices vary according to the size of our trees. Take note that plantation schedules can be modified due to weather conditions. Nonetheless, we will advise our customers of any modifications made.